6 Websites for Cheap Flights

My flights are booked and I’m all ready to move to the UK next month!

I took a really long time searching through the world wide web for the best (and cheapest) flight options for flying to the United Kingdom. During my research, I came across quite a few discount airlines and flight finder websites that’d I’d never known about. I definitely overpaid on some of my flights during my first time studying abroad. I learned a lot about cheap traveling options as I met more people and did more research.

If you’re  hunting for a cheap flight abroad, check out these 6 sites before booking that $1000 flight. I’m not sponsored or anything, these are just sites I’ve used in the past or bookmarked for future travel.

  1. Iceland Air – The cool thing about this airline is that they offer a free stopover in Iceland. Many airlines allow you to select a stopover, but they charge you extra for it. Iceland Air helps promote Iceland’s tourism by including a stopover in Iceland at no extra charge. You can select how many days you’d like to stay in Iceland and then get back on a plane to fly to your final destination. You get to see two countries for the ticket price of one.
  2. Wow AirWow Air advertises that they sell “cheap flights to Iceland and Europe from USA and Canada.” This discount airline has some really cheap flights. I looked on their site as I wrote this blog and found a flight from LA to Berlin for $199. The price is low, but that comes with sacrifice. Wow Air offers the bare minimum. You’ll even be charged extra for a carry-on bag. You’ll also be purchasing a non-refundable ticket, so be certain about your travel plans before booking with them.
  3. West Jet – West Jet is a Canadian discount airline. While a majority of the airlines’s destinations are in Canada, they do have flights taking you to places in the USA as well as flights to countries ranging from the United Kingdom to Jamaica. West Jet also has one of the cheapest prices for extra luggage that I’ve seen. The airline seems to be a level up from a budget airline, while retaining the lower prices.
  4. Student Universe I learned about this website a few months ago and used it to book my flight from Orlando to London. The flight I booked on their website was hundreds of dollars cheaper than it was being advertised on the airline’s site. I saved a lot of money, but I don’t have to fly a budget airline, which means perks like checked bags and food are included in my ticket price. Student Universe isn’t an airline, but rather a discount flight finder exclusively for young people and students. What’s really great about Student Universe is that you can book flights on nice, mainstream airlines such as United and Virgin Atlantic, but at a fraction of the regular cost. To get the discounts, you’ll need to either be a student or show proof that you’re 18-26 years old. While there are some outstanding deals, it is a “middleman” booking company, so be sure to do your research about flights and policies before you book with them.
  5. Groupon – If you’re looking to fly somewhere on a specific date, this probably won’t work for you. However, if you’re just in need of a vacation getaway, Groupon offers a lot of great deals on flights. The online marketplace is good for more than buying massages and workout classes. One of Groupon’s specialties is travel goods. You can get a great deal on vacation packages with flights, accommodation and tours included in the price. This is also a great option for the person who doesn’t like making their own travel plans since you buy a package that has everything laid out for you.
  6. Ryan Air – I used Ryan Air all the time when I studied abroad. The budget airline boasts cheap flights all around Europe. My friend and I took an impromptu trip to Dublin once because we found flights from Glasgow to Dublin for 20 Pounds. At the time, I couldn’t believe I was able to fly to another country for the price of two dinners. Ryan Air is an excellent option for students on a budget. Just be sure to pack light as the budget airline is extremely rigid about their carry-on sizes and they’ll hike up the flight price considerably for any additional luggage.

Honestly, before booking any flight, just do your research. You’ll be surprised how much you can save if you’re flexible with your dates, willing to deal with a long layover or know how to pack lightly. Be sure to consider the cancellation and baggage policy when you’re booking a flight. That $200 budget flight may not be cheaper if you have to pay $100 for each additional bag.

Thanks for reading. Hope this gave you a few new resources for your travel planning. Happy flying!



2 thoughts on “6 Websites for Cheap Flights

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  1. Great list! I’d never heard about the free Iceland stopover, so thanks for sharing! I’d also like to recommend Kayak and Skyscanner as flight comparison sites, particularly for the option to search for the cheapest flights from a particular location to “anywhere” to discover super cheap deals – a couple of my friends and I got tickets from London to Bulgaria for just £30 each doing this, and had a fantastic time exploring an amazing country we’d never have thought of visiting before! 🙂


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m excited to visit Iceland sometime soon.
      I should have put Kayak on the list. That’s definitely a good one. I’ll have to check out Sky Scanner:)

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